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14 July 2020 | 1189 View

Made of chemical-free PVA cooling fabric, highly absorbent, Ice Cooling Band can keep your pet cool on hot days, give your pet a long lasting comfortable and cooling feel. To get it cool, just simply wet, wring and snap! Become a VIP to get exclusive discounts, special shipping offers and more!


Gaoan Jiewangjia Daily Product Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Founded in April,2011.We have experience more than 15 years on this field with high technology and R D ability.


We specializing in a series of PVA cleaning products such as PVA chamois towel,square sponge,sponge mop head,beauty tool and so on,being used in a wide range.as a leading enterprise in this industry we also have many certificates,brand authorization and qualifications to keep our products met high standard.v



It takes a long time to dry the pet hair after bathing. The Artificial Buckskin Towel has super water absorbing capacity. It can quickly absorb 90 percent of moisture in the hair, preventing pets from colds. You can realize ( pet ) hair drying / car cleaning / sweat absorbing / urine absorbing in one towel.


Decided to take a chance and order this towel set for my newly remodeled bathroom as I had ordered a similar set several years ago from a department store and had good results despite reviews to the contrary,i expected a great deal more color loss since it is such a rich,dark color but the bleeding was minimal in my opinion as was the lint,dried beautifully and are a terrific value for the price,heavy towels that take forever to dry and these are perfect,an excellent weight,lovely rich color … as far as i’m concerned there is nothing to not like about them


Main Features

PVA material, super water absorbing capacity, saving time

Anti-mildew and antibacterial, safe to use

Tensile and tearing resistance for long term using

Can be used to take a bath, dry the hair, sports, pets, clean home goods and car



– The first time you use it, please wash with water for 10 seconds.

– When the towel is dry, it will be a bulk. Please soak it in water before using.