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Pet Absorbent Towel

Product Advantages :

Highly absorbent PVA material

Wear for hours or for quick relief

Durable in use

Antistatic, Lint-free, No pilling

Eco-friendly, non-toxic

Machine washable

Dry ones are hard lumps to prevent invasion and breeding of germs


After you bathing your pet, use our product to wrap up your pet, 90% water will be taken away soon, avoid a long time wiping and results in fur or hair injury, or fur and hair can not dry leading to bacterial growth. Special cooling care ,If in summer the towel can takes away surface body heat to achieve a refreshingly cool state. It is necessary for variety of pets with long or thick hair, like dog, kitty, bunny etc. Reduce dry time, make more lovely and healthy pets.



95% PVA, 5% polyester


66x43cm, 43x32cm, 32x21cm


Dark blue, Water blue, Lime, Orange, Gray, Black, Yellow, Green


Dot embossing, Plain, Customized allover logo



Wet, Wring & Wear. When Water Evaporates, Repeat Steps.